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IBM AS400 is a powerful, reliable and intergrated computer system. Since its introduction, AS400 machine (also named System i or IBM i) has become one of the most popular business computer systems. Many critical business applications, such as Banking, Insurance, ERP, BI systems etc, have been deployed and run on it. However, in today's fast-changing business environment, it becomes increasing hard and challenging for companies to have qualified and experienced AS400 IT staff to support or extend their existing applications. We, at ESP, fully understand the negative impact to business and be proud to offer a range of cost-effective services to companies who need our expertises and experiences in ERP managment and consulting service, application maintenance, software development, project management, etc. based on AS400.


BPCS System Management
We will help manage your BPCS/ERP LX system by providing a wide range of services including

  • Implementation, upgrade and migration
  • Enhancement, extension, customization and retrofitting
  • Application consultancy and maintenance support
  • Application education and user training

We have specially designed a BPCS Annual Service Pack to cater for customers, who are in need of critical BPCS support, trouble-free BPCS maintenance and cost-effective BPCS customization and enhancement.


Application Maintenance & Support
We understand the importance and urgency to upkeep your crtical enterprise applications. Our experienced consultants have in-depth business process knowledge, equipped with the right techinal skillsets, in supporting your business application, whether it is package software (e.g. ERP system) or in-house application.

Our Service Pack is tailored to your unique requirement, to balance your maintenance and enhancement needs.


Software Development
We will work closely with our clients on each SDLC stage to design, develop and deploy effective solutions to solve business issues and satisfy business requirements. Our consultants/programmers are all very skillful and experienced in RPG, CLP & SQL programming in diversified business environments, with enterprise applications and ERP systems in particular.
We can also help client to extend their AS400-based software to web application so as to leverage data stored on DB2/400.

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Project Management
We have years of experiences in managing complicated IT projects,whether it is ERP system implementation & migration, Software development, Business intelligence or Business re-engineering project. Our qualified PMP professionals will apply appropriate project management knowledge and skills to help manage your projects on time and within budget.
AS400 System Support
We assist you to manage, upkeep and monitor your AS400 system for a trouble-free environment to run your critical applications. When requested, we can also act as a reserve, whilst your MIS staff are on Leave or on Reservist, etc.

Consultancy & Training
We provide consultancy and customized training on AS400 and ERP system. Our expertise and experience will enable you enjoy expert advice, hands-on training on how to configure, administrate and run your system well.

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Our services and solutions are custom-tailored. If you are interested and would like to know how ESP can help you and your company, please do not hesitate to send your inquiry or call us for a non-obligation discuss.

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