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Computer software should always be meant to solve business problems. At ESP, we are equiped with broad business knowledge and understand underlying business process. We know how to design effective and extentionable solutions to meet customer's evolving needs. Our pools of skillful consultants have years of experience in RPG, CLP & SQL programming and well-versed in SDLC to help companies develop custom systems in cost-effective way.

We help our clients develop custom systems to automate & streamline their business processes for operating efficency improvements....
Monthend Processing and Reporting System
Designed to automate the IT Monthend processes to minimize manual operations in strive to eliminate non-value-added activities.

RFQ System
Provides salespersons and coordinators a single costing platform across the region with up-to-date cost from ERP system for ease of filing and tracking, and better control process on sales margin.

Sales Reporting System
Daily and monthly Sales data are extracted and summarized from back End ERP system, which then are accessed and available for Crystal Report & Cognos system.

Transfer Price System
Product Transfer prices between inter-facilities are automatically generated based on cost elements and mark-ups


Batch Trading Data Transfer System
HK Stock Trading Data are extracted and transferred to Singapore via automated batch process.


Whether your programming requirement is small or complex, we have ready and committed resources to help you. Please do not hesitate to send your inquiry or call us for a non-obligation discuss.

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