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AS400 Training

AS400 is widely deployed in business to perform mission-critical operations. However, companies feel increasing uncomfortable nowadays as they are lacky of AS400 know-how people to run their systems smoothly, in area of AS400 operation and application support. At ESP, we are well trained and experienced in AS400 operations & programming. As we are actively engaged with our clients, we know what kinds of training they would like to have and can benefit most. A customized training program tailored on cusotmer's unique training needs will be proposed after discussion and assessment.

We develop and deliver custom training programme to help our clients train their staff to run their AS400 system well....
AS400 Operations
User is expected to learn and understand basic AS400 concepts and commands to perform day-to-day operations. More advance topics, such as system administration tasks, file systems, etc, will be covered for advanced users.

CL programming
CL program is a series of AS400 commands with programming logic. System administrators or operators are to learn how to understand and create CL program to perform more sophisticated tasks.

Basic RPG programming
System operators or programmers familiar with other programming languages are expected to learn RPG program structure and basic operation codes. The purpose is to understand and write simple RPG reporting and inquiry programs.

Advance RPG programming
It covers more advanced topics and latest developments in RPG language. Programmers can learn how to create subfile program, code embedded SQL statement, insert free-format RPG statements. RPGLE will be introduced and briefed.


This simple but powerful utility is popular among non-programmer users. User will learn how to obtain information from AS400 database to inquiry on the screen, print out or select into files for further processing or download into Excel


Whatever application your AS400 is running, we have the expertise and experience to deliver a tailored traing program to suit your needs. Please do not hesitate to send your inquiry or call us for a non-obligation discuss.

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